Klamath Blue Green Algae claims that it is the most nutrient dense superfood on the planet.  Our family began our health quest journey years ago, and are always on the lookout for genuine food to enjoy along the way.

Blue Green Algae has been found to be quite helpful in reducing toxins as well as supplying a host of vital nutrients.  They supply protein in the form of 18 amino acids, including the 9 essential for human health, chlorophyll, vitamin B12, omega 3, enzymes, anti-oxidants, and 65 trace minerals–quite a health boost from one plant source!

The benefits from this nutrient blend include: removal of toxins, aid in weight loss, increased energy, reduce inflammation, increase mental clarity, memory and concentration, reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue, and provide support to the nervous system.  It’s said to help with other conditions such as menopause, too.

Unlike the similar products, spirulina and chlorella, Klamath Blue Green Algae is harvested and packaged in the USA under GMP(Good manufacturing practices)   This  Blue Green Algae is sourced from the upper Klamath lake in Oregan, USA.

Those with special dietary concerns will be happy to note that it contains 100% Blue Green Algae and no fillers that can cause harm such as artificial colors, sweeteners, wheat, dairy, soy, fish products, etc.  It does, however, come packaged in gelatin capsules, so true vegetarians need to be aware that it is not completely vegetarian.  I’m hoping they come out with a vegan version in the near future as this product has a lot to offer those on a plant based lifestyle diet.

People new to a detox product should be aware that you might feel the detox in the beginning as your body begins to release toxins and wastes.  This can seem unpleasant and might even disrupt your routines for a few days.  Rest assured that as your body balances after releasing the toxins, you will feel better than ever.  But it is possible to feel tired, and even a little sick during the detox days.

If you are looking for a detox supplement that should boost your energy and help your overall health, the Klamath Blue Green Algae shows great promise.  I recommend trying it for a month– the company stands behind it’s product with a 100% money back guarantee!

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