K9 Glucosamine is a product of Liquid Health.

k9 glucosamine

Liquid Health’s formulation is a very high quality combination of Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM, all of which have been shown to have benefits toward relieving joint problems, including arthritis.

The MSM is optiMSM, meaning it has been tested to ensure less than 0.01 ppm to .001 ppm of the possible contaminants that MSM can have, including mercury, lead, arsenic, and cadmium. This purity is important to avoid harmful levels of these harmful substances.

This liquid supplement is very easy to give to your dog. I tested on my father’s 30 pound terrier. We gave him 2 tsp in his breakfast and 1 tsp in his dinner. I mixed it into his soft food and he didn’t seem to notice any difference, eating each meal as he had before. It’s a thick enough liquid that it blends in without separating.

It did take a few days before we noticed any differences in his movements, but he is definitely moving more freely. He had seemed to have some hip issues beginning and hesitated jumping onto the chair with my Dad. The K9 Glucosamine seems to have given him some flexibility back and he does not seem to be as uncomfortable as he moves.

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If you have a dog that is having joint pain or arthritis, I recommend you try this product. Plan to try it for a month, although you may see results sooner. You might even use video to track his progress, taking a video of his movements before starting, and then having him repeat those movements on video after a month of use. The difference might surprise you.

***For customers wanting to give this product a try, you can use the promotional code “NSN20” to purchase Liquid Health’s K9 Glucosamine online at Next Step Nutrition.

***For resellers seeking dog glucosamine manufacturers you might want to try Matsun Nutrition.”


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