Why would we need to try the Liver Support and Detox Supplement by 1 Body?  Recently, a family member was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis caused by fatty liver disease. He doesn’t drink at all, so we were all quite surprised that he had cirrhosis. It’s caused our entire family to reconsider our diets and our entire environment and lifestyle.

Liver DetoxOur livers are an essential organ.  They filter toxins, regulate blood composition, process nutrients, and store some nutrients.  Today’s lifestyle often stresses the liver, often causing permanent damage.  We think of liver disease as an alcoholic’s disease, but in reality, often the liver is damaged by toxins in our environment or sugars and fats in our diet.  Fatty liver disease is all too common today.

This supplement contains the natural ingredients that I have learned are essential to the support of the liver.  The B vitamins, vitamin C, Burdock Root, Turmeric, Milk Thistle, and Dandelion– these are all very helpful in helping to heal liver issues, whether minor or major, and in detoxing our livers to avoid the potential of disease.

I like the fact that this supplement contains all of these ingredients in a vegetarian capsule.  Instead of taking several different types of capsules, it’s possible to get the healing and detox from just 2 capsules a day.

Natural ingredients are important to me, as is a product that is made in the USA, as this one is.   I also like the fact that the manufacturer is willing to stand behind their product with a 100% money back guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied.

If you are concerned about the possible stresses on your liver, or if your doctor has recommended you consider your liver health, I’d recommend trying this product.  It is a quality product with a company willing to stand behind it.

To purchase this product, you may click on the affiliate link below.  Using the affiliate link will not affect your cost, but it does help support this blog.

I received this product at a reduced price in exchange for an honest review.  The opinions expressed are entirely my own.





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