Probiotics are natural microorganisms that help aid digestion and keep the intestinal system running well. Enzymes are proteins that aid digestion through chemical reactions.

Chantilly Mega Supreme Enzyme Probiotic

Chantilly Mega Supreme Enzyme Probiotic

Both Probiotics and Enzymes are extremely useful in helping our bodies to run efficiently. They help breakdown the foods we eat and enable our system to use them in the best way possible. They help keep beneficial bacteria optimized, which in turn prevents an overload of harmful bacteria that can cause candida (yeast) problems, gas build up, and heartburn.

Eating right is of course the ideal and I try to include foods that will furnish enzymes, such as raw foods, and probiotics. Taking one tablet before each meal ensures that I have an extra boost of enzymes and probiotics.

Knowing what the tablets are supposed to do is fine, but do they work? Are they worth purchasing?

I would say definitely yes. I am currently away from home, so my diet is not always as perfect as I would like, a good time to test this product. I have had no stomach issues and more important for me, no allergy issues. Even when I have had more starches than I normally prefer, my digestive system is working well. This product has truly shown itself to be quite efficient, even during less than optimal life times.

I am quite picky about from where my food and supplements are sourced; the Chantilly Mega Supreme Enzyme Probiotic is made in the USA, in a FDA-registered facility that is GMP certified. I feel confident that it is a safe product.

I recommend trying this probiotic if you have any problems with digestion, food allergies, gas problems, or heartburn. Use it before each meal for a few days and keep track of how you feel. Of course, it’s still a good idea to eat healthy and avoid foods that cause problems for you. It had a definite affect on my digestion.

I received this product in exchange for an honest review. The opinion I offer is entirely my own.

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