With years of personal experience with gluten-free diets, I was quite excited to be able to review the New Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide.  Would this guide really prove useful to a person or family in need of shopping for gluten-free foods?

Essential Gluten-Free GroceryMany years ago, two of our sons were found to be gluten-intolerant.  With little information available at the time, we struggled to maintain a diet that would agree with their digestive tracks but was still healthy and flavorful.  They, like many children, outgrew their intolerance, but not before I had acquired an intense knowledge of a healthy gluten-free diet and the many foods that gluten is hiding within.

Many people are eating gluten-free now, some have celiac disease while others just feel better avoiding gluten.  Gluten is actually a naturally occurring protein.  It’s the protein that makes wheat and some other grains produce a stretching dough.  It’s also found in many other forms, making eating out and shopping a real challenge.

When my book arrived, I was impressed with the size.  Upon opening, I found a wealth of information from the start.  The table of contents breaks the categories down quite neatly and I found the book easy to navigate.  But the actual information was even more impressive.  The author carefully describes general shopping tips and then describes how to use the product list and a complete explanation of the symbols.

From there we are given a tour of our grocery by product type, with a guide to products that are gluten-free.  I am quite impressed with the depth of information given and found myself immersed for quite some time.  The guide is easy to follow and has enough information to help those new to the gluten-free lifestyle.  It’s also quite detailed and would be a definite asset to those that are more familiar with gluten-free.

As someone who had to navigate the gluten-free shopping and cooking before much information was available, I can highly recommend this book for those just starting out as well as those that have gluten-free experience.  I plan to use it to help others in their gluten-free journey.

One recommendation: I received this book in its softcover version.  I can see the benefit to its e-book version which could then be more easily used at the grocery while shopping.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.  The opinions given are entirely my own.







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