It seems people have always sought ways to look and feel younger and often the cure is worse than the aging factors themselves.  Valentia Vitamin C serum is a natural solution that really does make a difference in your skin in a natural and healthy way.

vitamin c serumI put much more emphasis on being healthy, feeling that a healthy look is much more important than trying to be half my age; I’m comfortable with my age, but don’t want to look sickly.  I also have problems with synthetic or modified ingredients, therefore try to stay with natural products.

This Vitamin C serum impressed me with it’s ingredient list.  It is natural and filled with some great skin ingredients.  These include Organic Rosehip Oil, Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil, Green Tea Extract, Botanical Hyaluronic Acid, and Resistem (Plant Stem Cells), each of which works to enhance the capability of the Vitamin C.  The result is a wonderful product that not only moisturizes, but also reduces age spots and helps even skin tones, while hydrating to reduce wrinkles and line.  Another benefit is that the combination boosts the production of collagen, thus increasing the elasticity and reducing skin sag.  In short, it really helps your skin appear younger.

Great ingredients are fine, but does it really work?  Well, a good test is to try it on your right side and not on the left.  Right away, you will notice the wonderful smooth, moisturizing that happens.  It feels so nice and has a very pleasant, but not heavy, citrus like aroma.  I have extremely sensitive skin, but have no problems using this product.  It felt so nice, I wanted to use it on my left side, too, but resisted so that I could truly test it.

I used just a couple of drops; it doesn’t take a lot.  After a few days, the differences are quite pronounced and those differences are more obvious with continued use.  When I finally decided to include my left side, the effects repeated.

Not all creams and lotions are highly impressive, but this one definitely is. I highly recommend trying it, and suggest you try it on just half to begin with, as I did.  I believe you will see the difference become quite apparent.  Then comment below and let me know!

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I received this product at a reduced price in exchange for an honest review.  The words and opinion are my own.

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