The Copper Mule Mug is a beautiful, handcrafted novelty that is a conversation piece, but also quite useful!  I was delighted to be able to review this mug, along with its counterpart copper shot glass.

100% Copper Mule Mug

100% Copper Mule Mug

I am not one to drink the Moscow Mule (see recipe here) and in fact, I don’t drink, but this mug has that authentic appeal and a cold drink is a cold drink, so on with the review!

Why Copper for the traditional Moscow Mule?  

The first thing I noticed was the handcrafted look which gives this mug a true authentic appeal.  It is easy to imagine it being carefully molded into shape, probably using a light touch with a hammer on the bowl of the mug.  The handle appears rolled into shape and I was amazed at how tightly it was bound to the mug.  Even though handcrafted, or perhaps because it is, the mug is quite nicely balanced and sits very easily on the table without attempting to tip at all.  The wide, flat bottom assures that it will be difficult to tip over, unlike a rounded cup style.

The lip of the mug is rolled to give a smooth edge.  This makes it quite easy from which to drink.  I also noted that the mug itself is wide enough that it is quite easy to drink from without any side drips.

You might remember from high school chemistry that copper is a great conductor of heat.  The same is true of cold.  I used it for ice water and it was amazingly cold, almost as if it chills it more than it was.  I like that it kept my ice water very cold for a long time and did not alter the flavor of the water.

Warning!  This mug is intended for cold drinks.  Remember that copper conducts heat (copper clad cookware is quite popular because of this fact) and this mug is 100% copper.  A hot cocoa might look delightful in the mug, but you might not be able to touch the handle to drink it!  This mug is definitely for cold beverages only!

I love my copper mule mug and am considering ordering extras to have a complete set.  Made of copper, and quite sturdily built, I expect they will last to be past on to my children and beyond.  Maybe I should have my set engraved!

Although I received this mug for free in exchange for an honest review; the opinions given here are entirely my own.

Interested in purchasing a 100% copper moscow mule mug of your own?  The following affiliate link will take you to the Amazon page.  Purchasing through an affiliate link does not affect your cost at all, but it does contribute in a small way to maintaining my website.

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