Avocados are a pear shaped fruit also known as the alligator pear or the avocado pear.

Avocados are an often overlooked, but truly delightful fruit whose many health benefits help it shine by itself or in one of the many possible recipes.


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health benefits of the Avocado.

This video shows a

         very quick and healthy salsa recipe that incorporates avocado

Our family actually prefers our salsas chopped into smaller pieces; adjusting the consistency is easy with such a simple recipe.  You might also want to add your own special touch, such as chopped pineapple or mango.  Serve with chips or on burritos, nachos, and enchiladas.   Also delicious as a side dish on your family’s Mexican dinner night.

Avocados are often used in salads and sandwiches, and for a starring role in guacamole as well as other recipes.  For more ideas, I’ve included….

12 ways to enjoy avocados and all of the nutritional benefits are:

  • Mash it and add a teaspoon of lemon juice for a delicious mayonnaise alternative

  • cut it into chunks and add to your favorite green, taco, or vegetable salad

  • slice it and add to your sandwich

  • mash it and spread on toast

  • add chopped avocados to your salsa

  • chop it or slice it and add to a burrito wrap with tomatoes, black beans, corn and lettuce

  • chop it and add to your nachos or tostadas

  • mash it to use in your baked goods in place of oil, margarine, shortening or butter.

  • add slices to your veggie burger or other favorite burger

  • add to California roll (sushi)

  • on a California style Avocado pizza (see recipe here)

  • chop it for a great healthier guacamole dip (see recipe here)

However you enjoy them, avocados are such a versatile fruit that can make its way to your dinner table frequently.  Stop back again soon for even more recipes and subscribe to receive updates by email.


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