Lavender For Health

Lavender For Health… Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils, and boasts a number of health benefits, in addition to its wonderful fragrance.  Skin issues?  Try Lavender.  Flea problems?  Lavender might be just what you and your pet need!   Looking...
8 reasons to use Wool Dryer Balls

8 reasons to use Wool Dryer Balls

Have you tried felted wool dryer balls?   Many options exist to  help dry your laundry faster and keep it free from static.  But have you looked at the list of ingredients on those scented dryer sheets? Even the unscented ones are full of chemicals. Instead of loading... Tropical Soap Review

I used to love those pretty little gift soaps in fancy designs and beautiful colors with the strong flowery scents.  I did, until I realized what was in them and how bad they were for my skin and overall health.  Now I only use natural soaps that will benefit my skin...

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