Fresh, cool water is my staple drink, interspersed through the day with coffee, but I frequently enjoy a cup of tea, as well.  Tea mint tea cupcomes in many types, forms, and flavors. Tea purists prefer the loose leaves and often have a collection of tea balls with which to brew the perfect cup, while others like the convenience of tea bags.  Some drink their tea chilled with ice, others prefer a cup of hot tea.

As I enjoy my current cup of herbal mint, I am reflecting on the many benefits of tea.  Peppermint is said to be excellent for the digestive system and I find it helps me relax, as well.  Many claim it has an uplifting, perhaps energizing effect, but for me, it’s soothing at the end of an active day.

Chamomile, another favorite that I often blend with my mint, is also great for digestion and also aids in inflammation throughout the body.  Again, it’s relaxing to me and adds a little more depth to my mint.

Dandelion tea has been used throughout history for many ailments including inflammation, liver disorders, digestion, and dandeliondetoxing.  It’s also popular as an herbal supplement for cancer patients.  There are actually several varieties of dandelion, in addition to the one that often is considered invasive in our lawns.

Lemon tea is enjoyed for it’s flavors, but can be quite beneficial for those suffering with sleep disorders, stress, anxiety, and even heart issues.  I especially like lemon tea with a little fresh lemon juice added; it seems to give it an extra boost.  We keep fresh organic lemons on hand at all times to add to tea or water, for cooking, and one of my current favorites, to add to hot water as a morning wake up drink.  The many benefits of warm lemon water are well known and include it’s cleansing ability.

For more information on the benefits of lemon water, see this article.

Other teas that are flavorful and full of health benefits include Turmeric and Ginger.  These herbs can be enjoyed in foods, of course, but steep them in hot water and a flavorful tea emerges that even those feeling quite ill  may enjoy.  Each of these contribute to health of organs, digestive system, and may help those fighting diseases.  

While tea may not be a cure all it can certainly be an emotional boost and may have medicinal benefits.  What is your favorite tea?

Often considered a soothing comfort food, tea has been used throughout time for its medicinal uses, too.

To learn more about types of teas, see Tea by Type.  


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