Japanese Egg Roll – a different way to enjoy your eggs

Egg Roll – We tend to think of the fried version from our favorite Chinese restaurant, stuffed with shredded vegetables and possibly meats, and often with enough oil that we need an extra napkin. chinese egg roll chinese egg roll 2

While we do love our Chinese Egg Roll, I’d like to introduce you to a completely different egg roll, this one made with eggs!

The Japanese Egg Roll is more like our omelette, but with a slight twist.  Usually made Egg egg rollwithout cheese, although you certainly may add cheese if you like, the Japanese Egg Roll is quite simple to make and can be served as a healthy breakfast, simple dinner, or as an elegant luncheon entree.

This video shows you how simple the Egg Roll is to make:

Choose your own fillings; we love mushrooms, onions, chopped broccoli, spinach, and tomatoes; and serve with a side that suits the occasion.  For that social luncheon, top with a sprig of fresh parsley, and serve with a side of fresh fruit.  Dinner complements might include a salad and rice with veggies.

While the health benefits of eggs have been controversial, those that enjoy farm fresh eggs from free range hens believe they can be beneficial.

Read about the health benefits of eggs here.

For those preferring a vegan alternative, you can produce a vegan egg roll in much the same way by substituting tofu or your own favorite egg alternative in the recipe.  It may take a little practice to find just the right consistency, but once you obtain it, you’ll have a wonderful addition to your recipe collection.

The Japanese Egg Roll might just become your family’s “go to” for a quick, nutritious dinner on those days when life seems to get ahead of you and is much healthier than any fast food choice.


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