As I reflect upon life today and overall, I am reminded of the seemingly small things that make my life beyond splendid. While some might consider a memorable trip to Disney, I consider our small moments to be my most cherished family memories.

family memoriesToday was an average day, or so it seemed at first. Some of us are still fighting a sore throat from a cold virus, but we everyone was able to do what they needed to for our normal Sundays. Our farm store opens at noon, meaning everyone has plenty to do prior to that to be completely ready. Add to that, feeding and watering the animals, walking dogs, and other daily chores and Sunday mornings are usually a whirlwind of activities.

Sometime in the early afternoon, one of my daughters called me to the kitchen where she was working on her first advanced sewing project, an elaborate dress. We had chosen the material together on a girls day out that had included two of my other daughters choosing material to sew new skirts. March will definitely be a sewing month!

As I helped her ease the sleeve seams into place, I was filled with such a feeling of gratitude. My own mother had taught me to sew many years ago on the machine she had inherited from her Mom. She then encouraged me to expand that skill in 4H.  Now I was teaching my daughters. Someday, in the not too distant future, they will teach their daughters.

memories 2Over the years,I have had the incredible opportunity of teaching my sons and daughters many of the skills that my parents and grandparents shared with me. As a homeschool Mom, I’ve also helped them learn academics, but I think the real treasure is in the time that we have shared with each pursuit.

It’s possible to buy ready made clothes and we do enjoy shopping together. But the time we spend easing rounded seams, measuring, pinning,  ripping out seams and basting in new ones, those times are irreplaceable.

Similarly, I absolutely love cooking with my kids, both sons and daughters. I’ve taught them to make all the family recipes, as well as encouraging them to create their own. In time, most of them have become expert chefs in their own right, each with personal expertise. They make me so proud!

I share so many memories with our family, playing with our dogs and other pets, watching remodeling shows and contemplating our next household venture, creating family moments. I am constantly reminded of the blessing of having a family. I’m blessed to be the daughter of two amazing parents, and now parent to amazing children.

Just as I am thankful for my exceptional parents, I am also incredibly thankful that my daughters and sons enjoy building memories together with me. I enjoy every moment we have together!

Our youngest are now almost 16 years old; with many years of memories built and more to come. I am so thankful for each blessing of time and memories, from the tiniest laugh we share to the monumental moments.




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