Bulk Groceries- where to buy

Bulk grocery buying is not difficult, but does take a little planning.

For more information: See Buying In Bulk 

We purchase many dry bulk items from these sources:

  • BJ’s Wholesale  — good for basics and a few extras. You won’t find many organics.

  • Sam’ s Club or Costco might be closer or a better choice or you.                                                                          Costco is carrying more organics lately, too.

  • Publix

    • The best local supermarket, in my opinion. I shop the BOGO deals and often find other prices are competitive.  Managers will also help procure items they don’t normally stock.
  • Amazon

    • Although I really prefer supporting local, Amazon can be a big money saver and is an excellent resource for those hard to find locally items.  I have a monthly subscribe and save shipment (varies by the month, so as to stagger my purchases) and we save quite a bit this way.  
  • Visit Amazon.com here

or through one of the following links

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