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Product Reviews

are quite important to both sellers and buyers.  Buyers want to know the experience others best rosettehave had with the product and how it compares to other available products.  Sellers use the reviews as a reliable advertising base, as well as a means of customer feedback.

Reviews might include information on the product’s quality, durability, and usefulness. They might disclose sizing, colors, and for foods, flavors.  Is the item easy to use?  Are the directions clear?  Was the item packaged to prevent damage during shipping? We try the products in the way they are intended and give an honest, complete review.  Buyers appreciate our total honesty; sellers are thankful for the complete dedication we offer and the fact that we work with them to remedy any potential problems.

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If you are a seller, please refer to our media kit for more information on how we can work with you to provide an honest review.

Our review policies are very easy for you to work with.  We won’t give a negative review without first contacting you and trying to correct the problem.  You will have a chance to view any negative information before we print and will be given ample time to correct the problem.  We want our customers to have the very best products available and will work with you to ensure that happens!

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Looking for a particular item’s review?  Contact us & we will try to accommodate!

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Have an item you’d like reviewed?  Please see our MEDIA KIT


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