“I  Want You to be Happy!

happy 4March 3rd is “I Want You to be Happy Day” — what an incredible day this can be!  No one is quite sure how this holiday began, but who could contest it’s celebration?

Happiness affects your health, too! Read more here.

“I  Want You to be Happy Day” should probably be celebrated every day, as it is intended to be a day of unselfish caring, a day to wish others happiness.  A day to show happiness to our loved ones, of course, but also a day to wish happiness for all we meet.

How one celebrates “I Want You to be happy Day” is up to the individual.  You might start the day with a special breakfast for your family, or perhaps even a breakfast out at your favorite restaurant.  Ensuring that each family member has a great start to his or her day is a task most of us aspire to each day, but on this day, we might all go that extra little bit.  A special hug for each child and adult, favorite inspiring music in the background, and perhaps a cheerful note to each.happy 1

Other ideas to help inspire you include calling a friend or relative you haven’t spoken to in a few days or perhaps taking them a little treat as a surprise.  Children can join in, too, and perhaps a trip to a shut in friend or a visit to your local nursing home might be a good way to enable children to celebrate.  Have them make cards or draw pictures, gather a few wild flowers, and set out to show the residents that “I Want You to be Happy!”

hsppy 3 Little touches make a big difference every day and should not be limited to our friends and family. The checkout girl might appreciate a smile and a big “have a great day!” as you leave the store, just as the gas station attendant will feel that happiness from a similar gesture.

But why do we wait for March 3rd to treat others with a special dose of happiness?  I think our world would be a much better place if we each practiced “I Want You to be Happy” every day!    happy 2



I want YOU, yes, YOU, to be happy!

                                                     Have a great day!

 For more ideas on happiness, visit Jewels of Happiness.

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