Bellemain Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter

Our family loves pizza and one of our favorite meals is homemade pizza with a whole grain crust and dressed in favorite veggies and cheese.  (We really like these cooked on the grill!) Cutting these culinary delights is always a challenge; even with a standard pizza cutter.  It’s especially difficult when we have thicker crusts.  The Bellemain Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter claims to be the solution and so we put it to the test!

rocker pizza cutterThe Bellemain Pizza Cutter is a very impressive looking, stainless steel instrument that looks like some sci fi weapon.  It reminds me of the cutters used in true Italian pizzerias, the cutters that are used in a rocking motion to quickly and cleanly cut through even stuffed pizzas.  It’s a little smaller than it’s commercial cousins, but it looks like it will work as they do.

But looks is not enough; it needs to work well and be very functional to stay in our home.  And it will be staying here.  Not only does it cut through traditional crust with ease, it slices thick crusts and even stuffed crusts leaving straight, clean lines.  It’s easy to use and the sharp blade cuts though quickly without tearing and shredding.

The manufacturer claims it will cut herbs, vegetables and other foods with ease, too, so once again, seeing is believing.  It indeed does chop, thinly slice, and mince with great ease.  While it won’t take the place of our special knives and herb shears, it has proven its usefulness for pizza and other foods.  Another kitchen tool that stays in our home!

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