Chef’s Mate Rapid Garlic Press Review

I love garlic and with all the health benefits, our family enjoys it frequently.  But no one enjoys chopping it by hand and smelling like garlic for hours.  Even mini choppers are too big for a couple of cloves at a time, so we used to resort to chopping by hand and dealing with the difficulties.  The Chef’s Mate Rapid Garlic Press has changed that.

See the garlic press in action on our YouTube here

Chef's mate rapid garlic press

Chef’s mate rapid garlic press

Regular readers will remember that most household items, especially those in the kitchen, must be functional to retain a place in our home.  Although our home is large, we don’t need extra items laying around taking up space and inhibiting cleaning.  This garlic press has earned a spot in our kitchen.

The first test was a great success.  We put two peeled cloves onto the stainless steel cutting grate, closed the lid, and it instantly produced minced garlic, dropped neatly into te plastic bin.  Sliced garlic is equally as easy!

But to truly be a keeper in our home, it has to be easily cleaned, preferably by a simple rinsing.  The smooth plastic and quality stainless steel are that easy to clean.  It comes with a wire brush to help get little pieces from the stainless steel grates, when they get stuck, but honestly we didn’t have a lot of trouble with that.

chef's mate garlic press (1)

chef’s mate garlic press (1)

Storage is just as easy.  The entire unit stores within itself and takes very little space.


It claims to chop other vegetables just as easy but for the amount of vegetables we normally chop, it is not a practical size.

While I’m not usually fond of keeping a single purpose kitchen tool, sometimes one shines so much that it stays.  This garlic press is one of those rare items.  I recommend it for anyone who enjoys truly fresh garlic.


I received this at a reduced price or free in exchange for an honest review.  The opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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