Ice Ball Maker & Sphere Ice Mold by Bar Brat- Review

Ice Spheres are popular among many people as they keep drinks very cold but don’t water them down like regular cubes due to their slower melting.  This Ice Ball Maker & Sphere Ice Mold by Bar Brat is a wonderful way to create these functional, yet decorative little wonders.

Why use these spheres? When I am enjoying a glass of lemonade, I mix it exactly as I like it to taste.  There is an exact flavor I prefer.  But I like my lemonade very cold.  I’ve actually made ice cubes out of lemonade to keep the flavor the same throughout. But regular cubes or crushed ice melt quickly and I’m a slow drinker—that makes for a bad mix.

These spheres melt more slowly, keeping drinks cold much longer.  But, like cubes, you can fill them with whatever you plan on using them with, or with a complimentary flavor (raspberry juice ice in lemonade is incredibly flavorful!)

This mold is very well made and should provide years of ice spheres.  I recommend trying them with your favorite drinks.  Experiment with mixing flavors — I think you’ll find these molds create a great ice sphere that can take your drinks to a new taste level!

I received this at a reduced price or free in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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