ROUNDSQUARE Rusable Stainless Straws REVIEW

I’m a straw-drinker.  Our family has several of us that use straws.  But I’m also a frugal homemaker, so found myself using reusable straws whenever possible.  Most of what I’ve had are the plastic style, so I was thrilled when I found the ROUNDSQUARE Rusable Stainless Straws!

Roundsquare SS strawsI didn’t know what to expect, so was eager to try these as soon as they arrived.  I started with ice water, my favorite drink.  The straws have a natural bend in them and are easy to use, for the most part.  It did take a little adjustment to how I held my mug as I was used to the adjustable feature on the plastic straws and these, being stainless, do not bend.  The fixed bend works well, though, once you stop seeing it as adjustable.

Using plastic has it’s concerns and toxins are high among those concerns.  I also hate that we are filling landfills with something that is just not breaking down and this is made worse by the fact that most plastic items are easily broken or made unusable.  Once a straw has a hole in it, it’s not very pleasant to try to use.  Stainless steel is not going to be perforated nor broken. And stainless is considered safe with no problems with contaminants like plastic can have.

These straws  will last forever if you take care of them.  For us, that means washing them after use and letting them dry to avoid any buildup in the narrow tube.  They come with a handy cleaning brush that zips through the straw to remove any residue.  They are dishwasher safe, but honestly they clean so easily by hand, I wouldn’t bother.

At 8.5 inches, they work with most of our glasses and mugs. They are much more economical than plastic, when you compare the cost of buying plastic over and over, and are very eco-friendly!  I highly recommend trying these straws!

One little note: stainless will get cold…very cold….when used in cold drinks.  It won’t harm anything, but you will note that when you use them!


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