Father’s Day, a Special Day for Dad

father's day specialMaking Father’s Day special for Dad conjures up different thoughts for each of us. Our Dads stabilize our lives, provide direction, and ensure security. While they may be a disciplinarian, they show love in many ways

Read about my special Dad.

Some families choose to celebrate the day at home, perhaps with a family barbecue. Dad might receive the king treatment, with others cooking and serving. The day might feature some of Dad’s favorite lawn games, or might include family members swapping memories.

Father’s Day special memories might be built around a trip to a favorite restaurant or perhaps a picnic. Some families choose to spend the day at mini golf, a theme park, or perhaps bowling. The day’s activities necessarily revolve around Dad’s favorite activities.

What makes Dad so special?

Honestly, some have distant relationships with their fathers. Sadly, not all of us share the love of our father, for any number of reasons. If Dad is not in your life, you still have options. Perhaps your big brother represented Dad to you. Maybe Grandpa stood in as a Dad. Some people share their Dad moments with a non-relative.

father's day specialSharing genetics does not make a Dad and son or daughter relationship. Sharing life does. Moreover, sharing the ups, downs, bad and good, creates that father-child relationship. In my own family, we have bio and adopted children. They entered our family in different ways, but still call my husband their Dad. And he cares for them all the same. Growing up, we also had a blended family. Dad was Dad to all, despite lack of genetic sharing.

Dad, Grand-Dad, Grand-Grand….

While your father is your Dad, you might also be blessed to share your life with grandparents and perhaps great-grandparents. Never underestimate the “Dad” in each of these generations. Our “grand” generations offer full father detail, with a heavy dose of added wisdom and often more patient approach. Multi-generational families share these benefits daily. 

Father's Day specialDads fulfill a role that complements that of Moms. Their love for their children extends well beyond that of providing a home and food. And when they go to their final rest, the memories we have built create a net to secure us to them forever.

Father’s Day Special

Do you have a special memory of your Dad? I’d love to hear about him! Please share in the comments below. And I invite you to read the story about my Dad, the most incredible father I could ever imagine!

father's day special

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