Media Kit

Media Kit

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**Product Review

  We offer unbiased reviews of your product and will work with you to represent your product to it’s very best.  Terms will vary, depending on the item to be reviewed.  In addition to reviewing the item here, we promote our reviews in other venues.  If we find the item does not meet our standards, we will contact you before publishing anywhere to resolve any problems.

Reviews can be done in written form, with or without photos and/or videos.  We will also add the reviews to Amazon, if desired.  Our goal is to give an honest and complete review that will help both buyers and sellers.

Our family consists of Mom and Dad, as well as adult children, teens, and several pets.  We also have younger children in our extended family, giving us an even greater pool of helpful reviewers.  I also have other contacts to assist with reviews, when needed.

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**Sponsored Post

A sponsored post can give a strong impact and will enable your product to stand out beyond what a small ad can allow.  We can write your post around your product’s features and will promote the post heavily.  As with the review, photos and videos can be included to greatly enhance the sponsored post.


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**Advertisements, Banner Ads, Content Ads, & More

We offer custom advertising to fit your needs.  We can also duplicate your ad on our sister publication: for those items that are pet related.  Contact us to discuss your needs.

 Please use the form below to contact us regarding advertising with us.

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