Mother’s Day Memories

Mother’s Day memories created by a day that we celebrate our mothers. Dinner at her favorite restaurant, a picnic, or whatever Mom loves best, usually includes with family time, a special gift of perhaps flowers or a special memento. Celebrating Mom creates memories that last a lifetime. Our celebrations often span the generations, with children learning from parents and grandparents.


Mother's Day Memories

Happy Mother’s Day

Celebrating Mother’s Day in a Unique Way



Those of us with children are often treated with a special dinner, a gift of flowers, candy, or perhaps a unique gift. Adult children living far away may call Mom or might even plan to travel to see her. Younger children often draw and color cards and treat Mom to special hugs.

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Celebrate Mother’s Day, even with a twist

We meet each Mother’s Day with our own way of celebrating our Mother and hope that she knows how very special she is every day. It’s hard to imagine our lives without our mother, but that day does come for each of us. Suddenly, Mother’s Day has a new twist to it. We still love our mother; we still honor her. But now we share memories instead of spending the day with her.

A New Look at Mother’s Day

Our own children still want, perhaps need, to honor us on this special day set aside for mothers. And we do appreciate their loving gestures. Even while we feel their love, there is a definite something missing when our own mother is no longer a part of our daily life. When we are no longer seeking the perfect way to express our love and gratitude to her, a certain emptiness creeps into the day. Intuitive children will sometimes see that and find ways to help fill it, but it’s a feeling that is only truly understood completely once our own mother is at her final rest.

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Another twist to Mother’s Day is felt by those who have lost one or more children. Whether lost before birth or after, that loss is felt intrinsically each day of her life, but with a special note on the child’s birthday and on Mother’s Day. Even with a house full of family, one missing child is still missed by Mom as each child holds a special place within her heart.

Can all of this mean that Mother’s Day Memories share more sadness than happiness?

Absolutely not. Those with mothers no longer on Earth are still thankful for the many memories she shared with them. They lovingly remember missing children and cherished thoughts and memories. While memories are all a person has,  that is enough.

Mother's Day MemoriesBut for those still able, spend the day with your Mom and your children. This day honors your mother but also becomes a day to enjoy being a mother. Memories built, serve to sustain us when loved ones leave.  Make each day filled with Mother’s Day Memories. In fact, each day build family memories!

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