“Man cannot live by bread along; he must have peanut butter.”                                                                                                                      -James A. Garfield


peanuts in the shell

peanuts in the shell

The Peanut – a favorite protein food around the world, have been a mainstay in America since the beginning.  Although often called a nut, it is actually a legume and reigns among the most popular food for all ages.  Budget minded families rely on it for healthy meals, while health minded affluent actors consider the nutrition benefits of the peanut to be ideal.  All totaled, Americans consume 1.5 billion pounds of peanuts, including the beloved peanut butter, each year.   To celebrate our love of the peanut, March is National Peanut Month!

See more fun facts about peanuts at the National Peanut Board Fun Facts.

Many store brands of peanut butter have extra additives, but natural choices are becoming more available.  The simplest way to ensure you have fresh, additive free peanut butter is to make you own and it’s really quite simple.  This video shows how easy it truly is.


Of course,this is only a start for your peanut butter creations.  You might try adding a bit of cinnamon or a small amount of honey.  Some like to add a little spice to it, while others blend in a bit of cocoa powder.  Vanilla adds an interesting flavor to peanut butter, too.

Once you have your peanut butter, there are a multitude of recipes, in addition to enjoying it with a snack of veggies and fruit, such as celery and apples, or on a sandwich with your favorite jam.  Subscribe to Christmas Country Mom blog and receive updates.

Our first recipe, Asian Peanut Sauce, is already posted!  This delightful sauce is wonderful with stir fried veggies and rice, or as a dipping sauce.  We’ll be using it in future recipes, too, so stop back each day or subscribe and don’t miss a single recipe!

Peanuts are delicious, and they are quite nutritious, too!  For nutrition information, see Peanut Nutrition.

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