Our dogs love testing dog treats and toys, so were more than happy to test the Best Natural Tripe Stick Chews by Best For My Pets.

Before I opened the package, I read the ingredients: 100% beef tripe, a natural high protein, low fat product.  Best for My Pets produces these in the USA in a USDA facility.  We feed only natural and USA products, due to the inconsistencies and problems that have been found in other products.

Tripe sticksThe package indicated that these treats are intended for small dogs and for senior dogs, so we chose to test on our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, miniature American Eskimo, and our very senior Basset Hound.

tripe sticks 2All of these dogs were present when we opened the package and although we detected very little odor from the product, our dogs were eager to sniff the open bag, a sure sign that they liked the smell.  All three dogs jumped at the chance to be given a chew as did our Australian Shepherd.  They all chewed them eagerly, but didn’t  gulp them.   I’m pretty sure the younger basset would have tried to gulp quickly as they are fairly small for her, but the older and smaller dogs were happy to chew them over the course of a few minutes.  They did come back, expecting seconds, so it seems they really liked them.

Best For My Pet stands behind their product 100% with a guarantee that if your pet does not love these chews, they will give a full refund, plus they will give you another bag.  That is a double guarantee!  Our pets did indeed love them, no refund necessary, but it is nice to know that they stand behind their product.

Our dogs enjoyed these chews with great enthusiasm — I strongly recommend them for anyone looking for a bedtime treat, healthy chew, or just a fun treat for your small or senior pet.

I received this product at a greatly reduced or free price in exchange for an honest review.  The opinions given are my own and I will not endorse a product I do not believe in.

You may use the following affiliate link to purchase this item.  Your cost will remain the same, but I will receive a small amount to support my website.


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