Pets+ Dog Training Whistle Review

I’m a dog trainer and have used many techniques over the decades.  It’s important for me to have my dogs listen and respond quickly, even from a distance and to be happy to do so.  We are a team.  Sheep Herders use different whistles for each of their dogs to speak with them from far away.  Whistles have been used with dogs for most of history and they work well so I was looking forward to trying the Pets+ Dog Training Whistle.

Pets+ Dog Whistle

Pets+ Dog Whistle

This is a nice whistle, about 2″ long, and comes with a quality lanyard.  The lanyard is soft, which is important on your neck, and doesn’t irritate.  The whistle is easily adjustable for different pitches using just a tiny screw in the base.

My favorite way to train dogs to a whistle is to start with a few basic commands that he already knows, usually come, sit, and stay.  Come is probably the easiest; just call him, blow the whistle, and reward when he comes.  Depending on the dog, I use treats or just a “good dog” and pat.  Praise is very important and will speed the training process; dogs like people love to hear praise!

It may take a while for some dogs to make the connection, while others learn it quickly. Make sure he understands the first whistle command first, before adding a second.  Once you have one command mastered, you can add another.  Use a different tone for each command, or you might use two short whistles for one, a long for another, a long and a short for the third, and so on.  As with verbal commands, it’s important that the whistles are distinctive to avoid any confusion.

It’s loud enough to work across the field, but can also be used close in with a softer tone.  This whistle is a very nice addition to my training program and I expect to get a lot of use out of it.

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