Petvitalix Dog Whistle Review

Dog whistles have been used for centuries by those training and working with their dogs for herding, hunting, and other outdoor activities.  A whistle can be heard a greater distance than most of our voices can travel, and dogs quickly learn to respond to various whistle distinctions, tones, and long and short notes.  The Petvitalix dog whistle is a good whistle with which to train your dog.

petvitalix dog whistleAs with any training, it’s important to give your dog time to learn the whistle commands.  Begin with one whistle tone and one command, such as “come.”  When you blow the whistle, call him, then offer a treat when he comes.  Just like Pavlov’s dogs, he will learn to associate the whistle tone you use with that treat!  You will need to vary the whistle tones for other commands, either by adjusting the sound itself, or by adding numbers.  For instance, one long whistle might be come, but two short whistles might mean sit, and three short whistles might be stay.  Whatever pattern your choose, keep it consistent and allow your dog to learn one command before moving to the next.

The Petvitalix dog whistle works very well for this type of training.  It’s quite loud, a necessary element for working from a distance. It has an adjustable sound to allow you to choose the best tone for you and your dog.  This adjustment would also be very helpful if you have more than one dog as you could use two whistles set at two different tones, one for each dog.  The lanyard that it comes with is quite well constructed and comfortable on your neck.

As a dog trainer, I can easily recommend the Petvitalix dog whistle for training your dog.  It might take a little practice for you and your dog to get used to using it, but it is far better than yelling commands from afar, and in my experience, works better than a clicker for most dogs.

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