This month we are featuring various pies in a healthier version, but healthy doesn’t have to be plain—

crimped with fork

crimped with fork

let’s introduce some pretty pie techniques!  Pies can have a beautiful golden crust, neatly crimped around

pie crust

pie crust

the edges with straight slits cut to allow steam to escape and be quite beautiful. But for those times when you want to upgrade a bit more, here are some wonderful ideas!

To attain your perfectly pretty pie crust, you need your dough to be pliable and well chilled.  Our basic crust recipe can be the perfect beginning to a truly beautiful pie, with some care.  The crust needs to be well chilled with the right consistency created by mixing the dough properly, as the instructions are given.

It’s important to not overwork your dough. Tough dough, from overworking, might be easily cut into shapes, but it will not give you the texture and finished look you want.  Also, refrain from adding too much flour as that can also create a dry, tough dough that will not work into a pretty pie.

The lattice crust design can be cut with a straight pizza wheel or give it a little extra pizzazz by using a crimped pastry wheel.  It’s quite a simple crust to design, as you can see in this short video.

There is no exact way to design your pie crust,                                                                                                            wheel crustlet your individuality shine through for the perfectly pretty pie.  cat design crust

Some possibilities are to cut decorative designs such as these.


one piece lattice There is no limit to the designs you can create!  A bonus that you receive from the cutting or decorative: you often end up with less pie crust, yielding a pretty pie that is also lower in fat!flower vine crust

For some ideas on crimping techniques, see Crust Crimping.

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leaf crust


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