Pure Care Natural Air Freshener-Pure Harmony Review

I have never liked heavy perfumes and air sprays, but a couple of years ago, I developed a reaction to artificial fragrances whichpure care pure harmony meant no more of any of them.  But there are still times I would like an air freshener, though it must be natural.  I was so excited to find Pure Care Natural Air Fresheners! Pure Care uses essential oils, rather than artificial fragrances, to create a pleasant scent.


The first one I tried was Pure Bliss, and I really liked it’s citrus scent, so I was now ready to try Pure Harmony.  Like Pure Bliss, Pure Harmony has a citrus like scent, but it adds a bit of a floral scent to it for an amazing blend.  It’s not over powering, but has enough to help control other odors, yet light enough to just remind us of the fragrance without hitting me in the face, so to speak.  It  only took a few spritzes in the room to overcome the doggy odor.  The citrus and floral scent stayed much longer.


Pure Care uses a pump sprayer, not an aerosol, for even more natural health (aerosols can be harmful) and they never test their product on animals.  But they don’t need to; these are natural essential oils that are safe for use around pets and their people.


A few spritzes in the air makes a big difference, but you can also spray on wool dryer balls to give a little natural fragrance to your laundry, or spritz it on clothes in your closet.  I don’t spray it at close range, but a few spritzes in the closet does make for a nice smell.


I recommend trying this product.  It is just wonderful!  We’ll be using these fragrances throughout our home.

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