Crystalline Salts Crystal Deodorant Review

Deodorants have really changed over the years.  When I began using them, they were only found in spray form and carried a very heavy odor of their own. Even roll ons have a distinct odor and often are combined with anti-antiperspirants, which usually contain aluminum.  I had used a crystal deodorant before, so was quite happy to try the  Crystalline Salts Crystal Deodorant.

Crystal Deodorant

Crystal Deodorant

A deodorant’s primary purpose is to alleviate any odor, usually associated with perspiration.  Perspiration is a normal function, a way for the body to adjust it’s temperature and also remove some toxins.  The odor is actually caused by bacteria, not the perspiration itself.  That’s where crystal deodorants come in.

Read about Bacteria and Odor

The crystal deodorant will keep bacteria away, thereby alleviating the cause of odor.  You will still perspire, as is healthy and normal, but the offensive odor is gone.  For best results, make sure your underarm area is very clean.  This removes all the bacteria to start with.

Then rub the crystal on your clean skin and it will continue to keep the area bacteria free.  The deodorant will dry instantly when you apply it and does not leave any sticky residue or stain.  You might not even notice it’s there, but you will happily notice the odor is not.

Crystal deodorants are good for the environment as they contain no artificial nor harmful substances and can be safely disposed of.  Since they will not clog your pores and they allow your skin to breath and function normally, they are good for your health, too!  They are also good for your budget; one stone will last you over a year.  For those who travel, they are easy to take along, even when hiking.

This deodorant is a great product; I highly recommend it!

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