Phantom Fit Resistance Loop Bands Review

Exercising at home used to mean expensive gym equipment that takes up way too much space.  But with an ever increasing focus on health, home exercising has become a little more adaptable.  The Phantom Fit Resistance Loop Bands are one such example.

phantom fit bandsQuite honestly, when I first saw these bands, I thought it might be just another useless purchase that would end up in the  give away pile.    They come with 4 brightly colored bands; blue is the light duty, red is medium, green is heavy, and black is extra heavy, for those that are ready for intensity.  They are pretty, but would they really be functional?

After trying the light intensity for just a few minutes, it’s obvious they do make a workout difference.  The light is stretchy, but still gives a good toning workout.  Move up to the medium and the difference becomes clear; the higher intensity you choose, the more of a workout you will feel.  That being said, I think it’s wise to start slow and move up as you are ready.  It will be a while before I am ready for the green and longer still for the black.

Resistance loop bands are a good solution for physical therapy exercises like flexing an injured leg, but also good for intense workouts.  These bands work for arm, ankle, and leg workouts and will also help flex the foot to help strengthen those muscles.  They seem to be very durable; I expect they will last for many years.  I really like how lightweight and portable they are.  For people traveling, they will easily fit in your suitcase or carry on luggage.  They even come with a handy little carrying bag.

These are definitely not throw aways; these bands can help you tone up and get a great workout, without space gobbling, expensive equipment.  They are easily used by teens, but also seniors.  These bands are a great investment in your health!

I received this at a reduced price or free in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed are entirely my own


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