Tweezers Set Complete Bundle Review

Tweezers, such a minor little tool.  Who even thinks about them?  Most of us don’t, until we need them.  Time to remove those stray hairs.  Or you little one comes in with a thorn in his hand.  Maybe you are trying to pull some fine thread through your current project.  Where are the tweezers?!  This Tweezers Set from Grooming District seemed like a good set, so I decided to put it to the family household test.

tweezer bundleIt comes in a cute little bundle with 3 different tweezers, one slant tip, one pointed, and one flat.  That’s handy since we don’t always know which we will need until the job arises.  The tweezers are all stainless steel, easy to use, easy to clean and disinfect, and should last a long time.

They are even color coded!  The Gold Slant Tip  is good for gripping hair.  It gets very close to the skin and has a firm grip to avoid misses.  The purple straight tip is for precision removal of those fine hairs or tiny splinters.  Ingrown hairs, splinters, and other such tasks are best handled with the silver pointed tip.

These tweezers are well made, easy to handle with a good gripping surface. I would recommend one set for the first aid box and another for the bathroom. Grooming District stands behind them with a lifetime guarantee.  And if you buy 3 or more, they will include free shipping.  This is a quality product by a reputable company.



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