Imikas Electric Pencil Sharpener Review

We use pencils a lot and I really like my pencil point to be ultra sharp. My daughters use colored pencils and it seems like they are forever sharpening them, trying to get a nice point to use.  We’ve had manual sharpeners and electric, but the Imikas Electric Pencil Sharpener was different enough that I was ready to try it.

imikas electric pencil sharpenerThis sharpener works with batteries (4 AA batteries) or plug in the cord and use household electric. But it also has a third option that is very intriguing; it will power using it’s USB cord so can be run off my laptop!

It is a very nice compact design with a shavings compartment that is easy to attach and remove.  It can lose a few shavings when you remove it so I recommend carefully detaching over a desk or table.

But a pencil sharpener, no matter how nice it looks or how compact it is, is worthless if it doesn’t sharpen pencils and do so well.  This one does a very nice job of sharpening writing pencils, art pencils, and my daughter’s colored pencils.  It works quickly; they are sharp before you know it.  And it leaves a very sharp point, one that will write ultra fine.

I really like this sharpener, it does exactly what I want a sharpener to do and is able to be used at home or when I’m out by adding batteries.

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