The Mighty Duster Review

While our family has not had to deal with bed bugs, we do have other little critters attempting to invade at times, as most households in Florida have.  We prefer to use natural methods of control, so I was excited to try The Mighty Duster.

mighty dusterWe’ve used DE for years and while it does work, it can be difficult to disperse just right, especially in tiny cracks and crevices.  Too much and it makes a dusty mess, too little and it’s less efficient.

The Mighty Duster is a little difficult to fill, but with a small funnel (it’s pretty easy to roll your own from a piece of heavy paper) it’s ready to use.  It’s easy enough to use, just choose a tip, point and squeeze.  It did take a little practice to get the pressure just right, but within a short while, technique is perfected and bugs are on the run!

If bugs are a concern and you want to use natural, safe methods of control, I recommend trying the Mighty Duster and DE.  It seems to be working for us!


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