DarkLight High Powered Multipurpose Waterproof Headlamp Review

We live on a farm and use headlamps every day before sun up and after sundown.  They are an essential part of our daily lives as they allow us to check on livestock, move animals, repair fences, and even walk the dogs without having to hold a flashlight or lantern.  But I’m always looking for a quality headlamp that will last through daily use and be bright enough to be functional.  I was hoping the DarkLight High Powered Multipurpose Waterproof Headlamp would be the answer.

DarkLight headlampThis headlamp has a very comfortable harness that is said to be one size fits all.  It did adjust easily to each one of us, and is quite comfortable.  With three straps, it stays in place and does’t slip or turn.

With a large white LED and 4 smaller red LED to choose from, you can actually create 6 different lighting modes.  We use the white primarily and it is very easy to see with this light.  It is bright and has a decent range.

A big benefit for us for farm use is that it is waterproof; we can use it in the rain.

Although we don’t have a daily use for the emergency feature, the SOS strobe pattern is bright and certainly commands attention from a distance.  In the event of a major storm or hurricane, I can see that feature being quite useful.

The headlamp comes with a small flashlight that is also waterproof with an aluminum body and a rubber seal.  It’s smaller, so not as illuminating, but is perfect for keeping on the keychain to help when we are unlocking gates and doors.

I’m quite impressed with this headlamp; it’s a good tool for daily use on our farm and I can imagine it would be excellent for any type of outdoor use including camping and hiking.  It’s little keychain flashlight that comes with it is also very useful!  We’ll be adding more of these to our farm tools and hurricane prep supplies!

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