Yumms BBQ Grill Light Review

We enjoy grilling, though our burgers are vegetarian and our favorite sides are veggie & fruit kabobs.  But life on a farm often means dinners after dark, so the Yumm’s BBQ grill light was quite intriguing!

Yumms BBQ Grill Light

Yumms BBQ Grill Light

But a good idea is only a start, the light has to be functional for our home.  When my light arrived, I looked it over carefully.  It is smaller than I imagined, but that is good since it has to fit easily.  We have a large grill (large family = large grill) but many families do not.  It’s also light weight, light enough that I don’t expect it to pose any problems.  It seemed well made, but I was a little concerned about the amount of light it could emit.  Would it be enough to sufficiently light up our entire grill area?

The light comes with its own screwdriver and quickly attaches to the grill.  It uses batteries, so no need to worry about cords.  Attach it, turn it on, and wow–it does light up quite brightly, almost as if it were daylight. Those 11 ultra bright LED lights are perfect.  I was very impressed!

This light is weather resistant, so when our summer rains happen, we’ll still be able to grill. With the easy connect, we’ll keep the light when we switch grills.

Yumms has a good product and they stand behind it.  Not only do they offer a 100% money back guarantee, but they also give a lifetime guarantee; if it ever fails, they promise to replace it.

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