Quinoa, pronounced “keen-wah” is an ancient superfood cultivated since at least 3000 BC.  Technically a seed,  we use it as a grain, much like rice or barley.

Usually organic, quinoa is high in protein, provides and is a complete protein containing all 9 essential amino acids. It’s gluten free, cholesterol free, and considered kosher for Passover.


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Quinoa has a nice flavor all its own, but is also good combined with other foods.  An added bonus is that it is quick cooking: it can be ready to serve in 10 to 15 minutes.

Our quinoa is cooked like rice, now what do we do with it?

You have many options as it is quite versatile.  Season it lightly and enjoy it as a pilaf. Add some vegetables and you have a nice lunch or light dinner, easily completed with a lush green salad.  Use it as a base for burgers and enjoy an entirely new flavor.


Try this Quinoa recipe…..


Baked Quinoa Patties #2

 Baked Quinoa Patties  



Prep: 10 minutes Cook: 30 minutes

Total: 40 minutes Servings: 8




•  5oz. pkg. Quinoa (or Quinoa & brown rice blend)

• 3 eggs (beaten)

• 1/3 cup onion (chopped)

• 2 small garlic cloves (diced)

• 2 cup chopped kale

• ½ cup gluten-free plain bread crumbs (or oats)

• 1 cup black beans

• 1 tbsp fresh lime juice

• ½ cup parmesan cheese (shredded)

• 4 tbsp olive oil




1. Preheat oven at 400 degrees F.

2. Follow pre-packaged quinoa’s cooking directions. In this case, it directs us to boil 1¾ cup water to boil, add contents of package, stir well, reduce heat to low, and cover for 14-15 minutes or until liquid is absorbed. Remove from heat and let cool.

3. Dice onion and garlic cloves.

4. Place 2 tbsp olive oil into pan on medium heat and add chopped kale, onion, garlic, and lime juice. Sauté on medium heat for approximately 8 minutes or until colors deepen and onions are translucent. Remove from heat and let cool.

5. Beat 3 eggs in medium mixing bowl. Add quinoa and bread crumbs. Stir. In a separate mixing bowl, combine kale mixture, black beans, and shredded parmesan cheese. Combine both mixtures in medium mixing bowl. Stir well.

6. Use your hands to form 1½ inch thick patties. Smear 2 tbs olive oil on baking sheet or aluminum foil. Place each patty approximately 2 inches apart.

7. Bake at 400 degrees F for approximately 16 minutes, flipping halfway through. Remove patties when they reach a light golden color.

8. Serve hot with a side of greek yogurt dip and your favorite veggie burger.

Enjoy your healthy meal. You’ve earned it!


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Interested in making this recipe VEGAN, instead of vegetarian?


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