I was quite happy to be able to review the Wash Guard Large Lingerie Wash Bag.  As you know, we have a large family and although most of our kids handle their own laundry, there is always plenty of combined loads to which to attend.  One that we often combine is the white load, as often no one person has a full load of whites.

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The first thing I noticed is the size of the bags.  I have used wash bags before and these are indeed a full size bag, much larger than our previous bags from another manufacturer.  I prefer the larger size for more than just being able to add more clothing.  More space inside the bag allows the clothes to move about more freely, thereby letting the detergent and water wash away the dirt.  When clothes are loaded too tightly in the washer or washer bag, they just don’t get as clean.

As I was considering the number of socks that might easily be cleaned in the extra sized bag, I noticed that this wash bag is much better constructed than my previous one, as well.  The material seem tough enough to stay together, although it is also very smooth.  I should be able to wash handwash delicates in the bag without injuring them at all.  The seams are also very well constructed.  I expect this bag will last through hundreds of washes without coming apart.

Now, to test the bag under real life conditions! The first test load needed to be socks.  I use laundry bags for socks to avoid the otherwise inevitable, “where is the mate to this sock?”  Washers and dryers just seem to eat one sock of several pair.  If they are washed together in a bag, they cannot escape!

But the bag must allow them to move freely through the water and get clean, very clean.  White socks should come out brilliantly white.  Instead of bleach, we use a vinegar rinse.  For reviewing, I decided I needed to test with both vinegar and with bleach, though not at the same time!  Our whites were washed in hot water, regular cycle, extra rinse.

The wash bag passed the sock test with glistening whites, it held up through both the vinegar test and the bleach test.  In fact, the bag came out looking new.  The socks were very clean and had no grey tinge.  I had washed 8 pair of normal mid-calf length socks, so the bag was not stuffed, but I think I could have washed several more pair without crowding them.

It passed the sock test; now on to the delicates.  Could it handle lacy camisoles and a satin nightgown?  I was very pleased when I removed them from the bag after running through the delicate cycle.  They were clean, but completely unharmed.  Success!

After several uses, the bag looks as it did new.  I see no wear and tear evidence.  I’ll update this entry in the future if it begins to show obvious wear in the next few months, but from what I’ve seen thus far, I expect it will be able to handle our frequent washings without coming apart.

I received this bag in exchange for an honest review.  The words and opinions are entirely my own.

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