Bella Home Spiralizer Review

Our family is vegetarian; much of our food revolves around vegetables and fruit.  Often we just chop or slice by hand, sometimes we pull out the food processor, but there are times when I’ve wanted something different.  The  Bella Home Spiralizer was intriguing as something to vary our dishes and even try a few more raw meals.



This spiralizer is very well made and has suction cups which hold well onto my countertop.  It’s a sturdy plastic and has very sharp stainless steel cutting edges that help to create beautiful vegetable and fruit slices and spirals.  Our salads look so much more elegant and delicious when we use this to cut the various vegetables.  For those trying to cut carbs, you can use this to create zucchini pasta; just make zucchini spirals.  These spirals become your pasta and you can serve them raw, raw but warmed, or lightly steamed, according to your preference.  Of course, curly fries are also a favorite and are created the same way.  Another use for this is to create  slaws, mixed casserole bases, and so much more.

The chopper that is included works well to chop nuts, fruit, garlic, and one of my kids’ favorites, chocolate.  We use walnuts and almonds on our salads and this chopper is wonderful at chopping those into salad size pieces.  spiralizerr salad

The spiralizer and chopper are a pretty complete combination for the starter kitchen, but also a great addition for those of us that have more complete kitchens.  Mine is now in use most days in our kitchen.  These would also be a great gift!

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