EYLO Multifunction Safety Hammer Review

Car accidents seem to happen every day in most areas and quite often victims have trouble escaping from the car, especially if it lands in the water.  Our family has discussed safety equipment for cars, usually as one of our teens is ready to test for a driver’s license.  The EYLO Multifunction Safety Hammer was a more complete tool than we had even considered, so I was anxious to test it.

EYLO car escape toolThe EYLO Safety Hammer is made to handle any emergency situation in your car, camper, boat, when you are hiking or even when you are home.

The EYLO has 6 tools built into it:

LED Flashlight – a very bright light
Seat Belt Cutter – just in case the belt jams and you need to get out–FAST
Window Breaker Hammer – one of my main concerns in case the door is jammed
USB Port for Charging Mobile Devices – for phone or tablet
Emergency Flashers – to signal for help
Hand Cranking Charging System – no batteries needed!

This is just a complete emergency tool; nothing has been forgotten, including the need for a hand cranking charging system to avoid the “batteries are dead” problem.  Everything works well and although I didn’t try to break the car window with the hammer, it seems strong enough to handle the job, if need be.

This tool should be in every vehicle and in easy reach for the driver.  An extra in the house for those weather emergencies would be good, too.  These would be a great gift for a new driver or for anyone that drives.

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