Cleartrades Set of 12 Bright Orange 7″ Sport Training Cones

Family fun in our home can be a little crazy, but usually involves kids and animals with a lot of happy laughter.  When I saw these  Bright Orange 7″ Sport Training Cones by Cleartrades, I imagined a few ways to incorporate them into our family times.

bunny agilityMy first thoughts were how perfect they would be for our rabbit agility training; yes, our 4H group is working toward an active rabbit hopping/rabbit agility program that will be fun for kids and bunnies.  Cones are part of the course,  just as they are with our dog agility or miniature horse jumping.  To be practical for use with animals and kids, they need to be very durable and pliable and able to endure being hit or stepped on. These cones meet that criteria; they stand up to daily use.

bunny agility 2Visibility is also extremely important.  What good is a cone if you can’t see them?  These cones are a fade-resistant bright orange color.  They are highly visible on grass or on the mats we use. They are designed to stay upright and not move about and work well indoors and out.

Our family is not as much into people sports like soccer and football, but these cones should work well for those who are.   If they stand up to kids and animals, they should stand up to field hockey practice.

sport conesAnother possible use I can perceive is for games at parties.  Imagine running the egg on a spoon race using these cones are start and stop markers.  Relay races could be fun with them, too.

This set comes with 12 cones, enough for most uses.  They are bright, visible, durable, and just perfect for our new bunny agility course!

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