Cherries might be one of America’s favorite fruits!  Spring signals the beginning of cherry blossom time in many areas.  Cherry trees emerge with those fragrant little pink and white flowers that will turn into that divine little fruit to be plucked and enjoyed, including our 20 Scrumptious Cherry Dessert Recipes.  It is such a special time that festivals are born around it, including the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC.  cherries

cherry blossomsI remember the Cherry Blossom Dog show circuit, a series of shows that allowed us to enjoy the ambiance of Spring in the Northeast, combined with our love of our furkids.  Others will join in cherry pie competitions, carnivals and fairs.  But many will enjoy just walking through the trails of cherry blossom trees, inhaling that luscious scent, and preparing their minds and hearts for when those blossoms become ripe cherries.

cherry blossom laneAs much as we love the blossoms, the fruit is the reward for wading through the snow filled winter and sloshing through spring.  Cherries are packed with nutrition, of course, but the flavors, the juicy flavor that emerges from that power packed little fruit, that is what we seek.

What better way to celebrate Cherry Blossom season than to plan for our upcoming Cherry filled foods?  Our first installment of recipes will feature pies and other desserts.  Desserts are the first thing we think of with cherry recipes, but certainly not the only way to enjoy them.  Subscribe to our email list and you will receive each of our cherry recipe updates, including ways to use them in your healthy entrees!

Follow these links to discover 20 delightful ways to enjoy cherries!

  1. Cherry Pie Heart Shaped Pops

  2. Cherry Pie Bubble Dessert

  3. Heart Shaped Cherry Pies

  4. Easy Cherry Pie

  5. Cherry Pie Rolls

  6. Cherry Crepes

  7. Cherry Pie Bites

  8. Sour Cherry Pie

  9. Hand Held Cherry Pie

  10. Classic Cherry Pie with Coconut Oil Pie Crust

  11. Nutella and Cherry Hand Pies

  12. Mini Cherry Pies

  13. Valentine’s Cherry Pie for 2

  14. Cherry Topped Brownie Bites

  15. cherry-topped-brownie-bites. html Easy Valentine Heart Pies

  16. Cherry Pie Thumbprint Cookies

  17. McDonalds Cherry Pie Copycat

  18. Sparkling Black Cherry Pie Smoothie

  19. Cherry Pie Parfaits

  20. Cherry Pie Mousse

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