I like retractable leads for casual dog walking excursions, so when I was given the opportunity to review the Cloud 9 Retractable Lead, I was quite excited to do so.  As a dog trainer, I keep several types of leads on hand for our various sizes of dogs and types of training.

Bethany and Molly like the Cloud  9 Retractable Lead

Bethany and Molly like the Cloud 9 Retractable Lead

The Cloud 9 lead makes a good first impression; it’s well constructed and although not light, it is not so heavy as to be clumsy to handle.  It is comfortable in my hand and even with my small hands, I can easily manage the lock/unlock button with my thumb, without needing to readjust the lead in my hand.  The leash seems strong enough to manage our larger dogs, but is also light weight enough that it does not drag on the collar of our Toy Poodle or Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.



Testing took place on our farm with plenty of distractions!  We tested on several dogs and found it performed quite well with each.  It did not pull on the smaller dogs’ necks at all, and it was quite capable of handling our larger, more robust dogs.  I examined the lead after our trials and it appears to be in like new condition; it didn’t stretch or pull the material or snap.  I’ll test it further and will update if that changes, but at this time, it appears to be quite strong.

Annie Cloud 9 lead - out

Annie Cloud 9 lead – out

     But appearance and strength are only part of my concerns with an adjustable lead.  Most people use adjustable leads for exercising their dogs and they need to be  comfortable to use for an extended amount of time.  I’ve used other adjustable leads that are a bit clumsy; they are still usable, but not my first choice for a long leash.

The Cloud 9 leash is quite comfortable.  It is an easy fit for my smaller hands, but also fits the larger hands in our family.  It has a nice grip on it that should allow it to be easily used by those with less hand strength, too.  I know some with arthritis like the adjustable leads as they are easier for them to use.

Anne-Cloud 9 lead-walkiing

Anne-Cloud 9 lead-walkiing

The button to adjust the lead is very easy to move with just your thumb.  I like that it seems quite sturdy; it did not wiggle sideways, nor is it flimsy feeling.  I expect that it will last for quite some time.

My overall assessment: the Cloud 9 retractable lead is a very high quality lead that will stand up to constant use.  Adjustable leads are not intended for actual obedience or agility rings, but they are a great lead to use for exercising and everyday walking.

I recommend trying this retractable lead with your dog; I think you’ll find it very useful!

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