Crockpot dinner rolls, soft and fluffy dinner rolls

Bread baking is part recipe, with a bit of art and expertise added.  The recipe is merely a starting template, a base from which to launch your own delicious, fluffy breads.  Most people believe that today’s white flour rolls are the lightest and fluffiest, so soft they seem to not even need butter to create the texture and flavor we crave.  When you first try crockpot dinner rolls, you will be amazed at the taste and texture that these rolls bring forth.

Our favorite recipe uses wheat flour and a blend of herbs, to create a dinner rolls that will delightfully compliment your dinner entree.  While it is possible to create crockpot dinner rolls using a standard white flour, the extra flavor and outstanding nutrients provided by these wheat rolls will be all proof you need to forever turn from their white flour cousins.

White flour is actually wheat flour, with the nutritious bran removed through one of several refining processes.  Some is bleached white, through a refinement process that uses bleaching agents that are banned in several countries for their health concerns, while unbleached has a tan tone, but neither form contains the fibrous bran that adds so many nutrients and fiber.  For more information on the nutritional differences, see whole wheat flour benefits.  Another good explanation of the value of whole wheat over the refined white flour is healthy facts.

The problem with whole grain flours is that they produce a denser product, as less air is incorporated into the dough.  Although the density is not a problem for many, there is a way to increase the air content, thereby creating a lighter, fluffier product.

One useful technique is called “sponging” and although it adds to the preparation time, it might be a good addition for those special crockpot dinner rolls.  Sponging can be used in any bread recipe, but you will find it very helpful in creating my recipe:  Crockpot Dinner Rolls


To create the lightest breads or rolls using 100% whole grain flours, in a large bowl mix your liquid ingredients together and beat well to aerate.  Add the remaining ingredients, except for the flour.  Beat to aerate again.  The yeast should create a bubbling liquid at this point.  Beat or whip in about half the flour.  Cover and allow to rest in a warm (75-78F) place for about 4 hours (you may rest it overnight, but no longer than 12 hours is recommended)  When you are ready to complete the recipe, mix in the remaining flour, a small amount at a time, to form a kneadable dough.

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