Our multi-dog household is fortunate to live in the country, so our dogs enjoy a great amount of outdoor time.  Running in fields and swimming in the pond is great exercise, but it also means we are cleaning dog ears more frequently.  When I was given the opportunity to try Dancing Pet Ear Wash, I knew I could really put it to the test!

Our family strives to use only plant based, natural ingredients and Dancing Pet has the same idea.  This ear wash uses gentle, natural, plant based ingredients such as coconut oil, palm oil, citrus extracts,  and aloe.  The ingredient list sounds like something I might use on my own skin.

Shake the bottle, put a generous amount in the ear canal, rub in, swab out–very simple instructions and our dogs love having their ears rubbed!  I was quite impressed with the amount of dirt and debris that came out with the first use.   It left a pleasant, but not strong, scent in the dog’s ear and the dog did not react at all, indicating that it must have felt good to her.

see our YOUTUBE review of Dancing Pet Ear Wash

It appears Dancing Pets has given a lot of thought and research to their product.  It is indeed very soothing to pets and does not contain irritating ingredients (even many natural ingredients can be irritating, especially if the ear is already irritated) and Dancing Pets has opted to not include any possible irritants.

This ear wash is 100% plant based and is made in the USA, an important point to me as we try to avoid any possible contaminants.  I also noted that Dancing Pets offers a 100% money back guarantee, an important point for those of us on a budget who want the very best for our pets.  Another budget help: they offer a discount when you purchase more than one bottle.

I highly recommend this product for anyone with dogs or cats (I might try it on our bunnies, too!)

You may purchase this ear wash using the following affiliate link.  Your cost will remain the same, but I will receive a small amount to help support my website.


I received this product at a reduced price or free in exchange for an honest review.  The opinions given are my own.



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