Pie has long been associated with traditional American desserts, enjoyed in our daily lives and relished at most holiday tables.  And with good reason: pies come in a variety of flavorful combinations that are enjoyed alone or topped with a scoop of our favorite ice cream.

February is National Pie Month, a seemingly contradiction to another special this month: National Heart Month.  Can we celebrate pecan pie and apple crumb pie topped with vanilla ice cream during the same month we are dedicating toward heart disease awareness?

Absolutely!  Pies don’t have to be bad for your health.  This month we’ll feature some recipes that will help heal your heart.

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History of Pies…Our baked cherry pies with their flaky crust are actually an AMERICAN TRADITION, dating back to about the American Revolution.  Pies (often called Pye or coffin) date back much further, but were hardly the decadent edible crusted desserts we now favor.  These early pre-American pies were usually a meat based dish baked in a heavy shell, called a coffin, which was actually used  as a baking dish.  These shells were hard and not considered edible; their use was primarily as a baking dish.

Early colonists worked this crust into a flaky pastry and by the time we became a country, we had our now traditional, fruit pie with a flaky crust.  Other cultures have borrowed our crust idea, but it is believed that the first intended to be eaten pastry crust was created in our new country.

Today, more than 186 million pies are sold in grocery stores each year, according to the American Pie Council. This number does not include those enjoyed in restaurants, nor those baked at home.

For more pie facts see American Pie Council Fun Facts.


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