National Soup Month          

soup month

 January is National Soup Month, the perfect time to bring out those beloved soup and stew recipes and add a few new gems to your family treasures.  While cold soups enhance summertime flavors, their warm, hearty counterparts are a great way to add healthy nutrients to your meals, often at a great savings.

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         For a little history on soups, check out: National Soup Month  

Soups are a great way to add vegetables, greens, and  protein and fiber packed beans to your diet.  Their water content adds to your daily intake of this essential element and counts toward the general recommended daily amount of ½ ounce per pound of body weight.

          Calculate amount of water you should drink per day here


While we often prefer raw or lightly cooked vegetables for their nutrition, many nutrients are retained when we cook and eat the soup and broth together and in fact some are more digestible as a soup.  In addition, healthy and flavorful herbs are added which also reduce our desire for added salt and fats.  As a healthy meal, soups can boost nutrition, while keeping calories in a reasonable range.

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Soups are also quite filling, with the fiber and water they contain.  We enjoy them often with a salad, giving the meal the added benefit of fresh greens.  A nutrient packed wheat roll is also a great accompaniment, and can add the often desired texture difference.  Crackers are another good option to side with your soup, try our homemade crackers to add even greater appeal.

      To learn more about the history of soup:    ***History of Soup***

Our recipes this month will feature some of our family’s favorites that you may have already tried, such as Broccoli Soup, as well as a few that you may never have heard of including Eggplant Parmesan, a vegan soup for those who enjoy  traditional Eggplant Parmesan.  Chili lovers will find some new versions introduced here this month, too.  Stop by each day for inspirational ideas to celebrate National Soup Month and treat your family to nutritionally packed culinary delights!

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