Delicious Vegan Recipes                                                                            to Liven Up Your Summer Cooking

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Vegan recipes for a healthy summer

Vegan recipes for summer enjoyment! Plan your summer meals around these healthy vegan recipes!                  Summertime is here! It’s time to prepare with some fresh and new vegan cuisine. Whether you’re getting ready to throw a dinner party for your friends or just looking for something scrumptious for lunch, you need vegan recipes that taste good, don’t take all day, and won’t pack on the pounds.

And who says no meat means no flavor?

These healthy vegan options offer quick and easy preparation along with tastes that will knock you and your guests off your feet.

Vegan recipes include salads.


Vegan recipes 1Asian Zoodle Salad

Beyond its vibrant colors and appearance beautiful enough to be a table centerpiece, this zesty salad combines a mouthwatering dressing, acidic and slightly sweet, with crisp greens and veggies. This is a great choice to enjoy as you embark on your dinner adventure.

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Vegan recipes 2Carrot-Apple Salad

Sweet apples and carrots contrast with a citrusy dressing in this salad, giving it a flavor profile that will leave your taste buds wanting another bite. This dish makes for a great side or even a dessert!

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Vegan recipes 3Avocado Corn Salad

The creamy texture of avocado makes an excellent companion for the sweet and savory tastes found in this salad’s construction of corn and tomato. Expect this dish to make a great side with its full flavor profile.

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Summer Fruit and Quinoa Salad  with Coconut Ginger Lime Poppy Seed Dressing

Tired of the same old fruit salad year after year? This bold fruit salad takes a blend of berries, peaches, and kiwi fruit and adds quinoa to give an additional texture. The real star of the show, however, is the dressing: zesty, creamy, and tangy, it complements the sweet and fruity flavors of the salad magnificently.

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Vegan recipes 5Edamame and Artichoke Salad

This is another simple and easy-to-make salad that tastes great. The dressing of olive oil and lemon juice serves to bring out the flavor of the edamame and artichokes without overpowering, allowing the melody of taste that they create together to come through.

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 Vegan recipes for the main course!

Main Course:

Vegan recipes 6Cole Slaw with Nuts

Cole slaw without mayonnaise, you say? Absolutely! Mayonnaise is traditionally used in cole slaws as it gives the slaw a creamy texture. This vinegar-based cole slaw variant challenges the norm by instead using a touch of olive oil to give texture and sunflower seeds and almonds to give it a nutty flavor.

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Vegan recipes 7Vegan Quinoa Falafel Bowl

A staple of Middle Eastern cuisine, falafel is seemingly destined to be a part of a vegan diet as it is traditionally made without any meats or animal products. With its unmistakably unique and bold amalgam of aromas and flavors. This recipe differs slightly from tradition as it is served over a bed of quinoa rather than in pita bread, giving it a healthy South-American twist. A great choice for lunch or dinner!

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Vegan recipes 8Best Ever Vegan Baked Beans

No summer barbecue is complete without the baked beans! Smoky, sweet, and spiced to perfection, these vegan baked beans make a great accompaniment for your vegan burgers and hot dogs.

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Vegan recipes 9Vegetable Noodle Stir-Fry

Stir-Fry is the blank canvas of Asian cuisine as it allows for a vast array of ingredients to customize it and make it your own. To give it a healthy and vegan flair, this recipe shuns the typical choice of egg noodles in favor of spiralized potatoes, carrots, and zucchini. Topped off with a seasoning of olive oil, garlic, and chili peppers, this simple but elegant dish makes a wonderful menu item for a lunch or dinner.

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Vegan recipes 10Vegan Pinto Bean Tacos

Great for lunch for yourself or for entertaining, these vegan tacos have it all; they’re healthy, easy to make and eat, and they’re delicious. You can’t go wrong!

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Vegan recipes 11Open-Faced Roasted Beet Hummus Sandwich

As colorful as they are delicious, these sandwiches are great for any occasion. The savory hummus and avocado come together deliciously atop a toasted english muffin to make a dish easy to eat and easy to prepare.

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Vegan recipes 1220 Minute Creamy Pasta and Vegetable Ragu

Looking for some savory Italian fare to get the party going? Sautéed vegetables and linguine form the base of a savory and delectable tomato pasta dish that’s sure to be a winner.

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Vegan recipes 13Aubergine, Tomato and Zoodles Winter Salad Warmer

Don’t let the name fool you! Though this dish is designed to be a warm wintertime salad, it also makes an amazing side for your summertime feast. Made with sautéed veggies dressed with garlic, oil and vinegar, this savory dish is a choice addition to your menu.

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Vegan recipes 14Garden Fresh Green Beans with Lemon & Nutmeg Dressing

Green beans are a traditional summertime food, and they make an excellent dish to serve at your summer cookout. The lemon and nutmeg dressing used in this recipe complement the crisp green beans well, making this dish a classic.

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Vegan recipes 15Roasted Garlic and Chia Guacamole

This guacamole spread is as healthy as it is bold and flavorful. The roasted garlic and onion provide a zip that is smoothed out wonderfully with the avocado. You can use the spread for a wide variety of applications, including on sandwiches, as a dip, or as a topping for your summer taco night!

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Vegan Recipes 16Non-Alcoholic Strawberry Punch

It gets hot in the summer, and you need a cold and refreshing drink to keep you and your guests cool at your backyard cookout. This lemon and strawberry punch tastes great, and its lack of added sugar means you won’t feel guilty drinking it.

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Vegan recipes for dessert, too!


Vegan Recipes 17Maple Almond Dip

This simple recipe mixes the flavor of almonds with maple and cinnamon to create a heavenly sauce that works great as a dip for fruit and graham crackers. It’s an amazing addition to your morning oatmeal, too!

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Vegan recipes 18Freezer Fudge Cups

Fruity, nutty, and yummy! Though the word “fudge” doesn’t typically get related to the idea of eating healthy, don’t judge these fudge cups too quickly. They are made with natural sugar (a minimal amount), natural nut butter, coconut oil, and fruits.

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vegan recipes 19Tomatoes,                                                                                         a summertime crop, are abundant this time of year and highly versatile. They can be prepared many different ways are used in all sorts of cooking. Visit this site for some ideas on what to do with your surplus of tomatoes this year:



Vegan recipes can be a weekly treat, or might become your entire lifestyle.
Plan your meatless Monday around them, or make them your entire life plan.

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